Web Design 101: Designing Appealing Websites For Educational Institutes


We live in a world, where e-learning is turning out to be hugely responsible for producing a skilled workforce. It’s not surprising that e-learning hubs, educational portals and websites are minting a good amount of money. If you are wondering how to make a website for a school, university or any educational institute, we have a simple guide below that talks of all essential aspects.

Begin with the basics

Regardless of the type of website, you need a few basic aspects in place. First and foremost, start with the domain name, and for educational institutes, that’s even more important. People need to find the exact website they are looking for, and therefore, the domain has to be on point. The hosting plan also needs to be a reliable one, which offers unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage at the very least. What you also need is the right CMS, and unless the design is too complicated, you can do well with WordPress.

Set the priorities right

Every educational institute is different. For example, some schools rely on their portals for all announcements, while for many coaching institutes, the focus is more on offering e-learning resources. Before you go out and figure out the design, start by understanding the required structure of the website and what may work best for the long run. A good educational website has to be flexible to accommodate all kinds of expansion needs.

Minimalism in moderation

Web design trends change with time, but designers and developers swear by minimalism, which may not always work for websites for educational institutes. In this case, the focus is to make information more appealing. So, if the website contains just text content and not too much of visual appeal, it may eventually impact the time a visitor spends on the website. Prototyping is particularly important for such websites.

Font and color do matter

The font for a website determines readability and sets the tone, which is why it is necessary to select something that is not too hard to understand. This is more of a concern for school websites, which are typically used extensively by students. The color mix should complement the font and the brand. Almost every educational institute has some form of logo and branding elements, and the website must be designed around it.

Consider reviewing some of the better educational institute websites and decide on the design based on actual requirements.