Revamping Primary Education with EuroKids


From the words in the poem by Wordsworth, ‘The Rainbow’, ‘child is the father of man’, means an adult is the product of their etiquettes, habits and thoughts. These are inculcated in them right from their childhood. Early childhood education is a concept not foreign in India.

EuroKids International, one of India’s premier pre-school chains has been around for 17 years. It was started in 2001 and has since brought about quiet a change in the field of nursery and pre-school education. EuroKids school is the next-gen school that is helping shape the formative years of a child with care taken to ensure safety and a world-class curriculum to accompany. This ensures the child’s overall well-being and development without having the parents to worry.

EuroKids cofounder and CEO, Prajodh Rajan believes in ‘Child First’ ideology. Everything is planned and done after understanding a child’s needs. The learning process in EuroKids School is made fun through interactive story telling and innovative toys to engage the child. Great care is taken to have no sharp exposed edges around, and all the toys are non-toxic and are sanitized regularly. The playschool also takes care to conduct a thorough investigation of all its teachers and other staff before recruitment.

Since the beginning, EuroKids has managed to build over 1000 plus play schools in over 350 cities and towns. Each of these EuroKids School has Junior and Senior KG classes too.  The nursery class takes in children from the age bracket of 2.5 to 4, the EuroJunior class takes in 3.5 to 5-year-old and the EuroSenior class takes in 4.5 to 6-year-old, and there is also a playgroup for children between the ages 1.8 to 3 years.

With so many options for all age groups, one need only to type in a quick Google search for play schools near me or junior and senior kg near me and take the chance to enroll their child in this institution.

Some of EuroKids innovations that set it apart from its completion include:

  • MyBuddy Smart Locator:

Launched in the year 2017, MyBuddy Smart Locator helps parents keep track of their ward. It is waterproof, made to look like a watch and returns the location of the child back to an app on the parent’s phone.

  • EuroKids Buddy App:

This app built for the parents gives real-time updates on the child as they go about their day at the playschool. All important messages and notifications are sent to the parent’s phone directly through the app.

  • Learn2Play:

Learn2Play is a library that is filled with toys that aim at developing logical reasoning, analytical reasoning and critical thinking in a child.

To add a feather to the cap, EuroKids international has won 18 awards so far that recognize their efforts and contributions in the primary education field. Most recently, they won the ‘Best Education Brand’ by The Economic Times in the year 2018. This was also the year when their new mindful curriculum, Eunoia was launched. For the same curriculum, they were subsequently awarded as the  ‘Best Innovative Curriculum’ at the 9th Indian Education Awards 2019.