How to Choose an International Preschool


If you want to see your child excel, you need to get him or her acclimated to the learning process early in life. When you take this approach, you child will socialise and learn with more ease, and he or she will feel more comfortable about transitioning educationally.

The Reggio Emilia Philosophy

When selecting an international preschool in Sathorn, you need to review the curriculum, as well as take note of the language programme provided by the school. Survey the classes and playgroup activities. If you consider a school that follows the Reggio Emilia philosophy, it is well worth the review. According to this method, children should learn through making enquiries, exploring on their own, and through play activities.

Early Play Activities Increase a Child’s Self-Confidence

This type of holistic programme prepares a child to develop academically and socially. By following this philosophy, teachers can help children develop resilience, confidence, and better communication skills. Therefore, the preschool you choose should emphasise the importance of play to a child’s holistic development and learning.

That is because play permits a child to naturally build his or her level of confidence – to experiment, think, and form healthy relationships. In turn, learning is fostered through discovery and sharing. Children take part in both teacher-led and child-initiated activities. These activities surround subjects, such as cooking, drama, water play, gardening, and regular play. Specialist classes feature unique learning experiences, including Thai studies or physical education.

The EYFS Approach to Preschool Education

By using the British (Early Years foundation stage) EYFS approach, children can work toward achieving academic competency through play-based activities. This framework for education is geared toward children from infant to five years old. All schools in Britain, as well as early years providers, must follow this type of technique.

You need to keep this in mind if you are searching for a preschool in the UK. The EYFS framework for educators and preschools supports integrated learning and care. It offers all teaching professionals an established set of principles for the delivery of quality early education and childcare.

Monitoring the Educators

If you are a mum or dad who is seeking a preschool that sets the mark in education, you need to review the EYFS standards to understand how this educational guide can support your child. By establishing this type of measure, early childhood practitioners can make better judgments when assessing a child’s progress in the nursery school venue. Moderators are also assigned to review the accuracy of the judgments made by practitioners.

If you want to ensure that your child’s educational and developmental progress are accurately evaluated, you need to make sure that a school carefully follows the EYFS framework and initiatives. An EYFS progress check is recommended and used when a child is two years old, so any developmental support can be implemented early. The whole idea is to produce a well-rounded child – someone who can continue to excel as they move through the educational system.

If you review the programme offered at the nursery school where you want to enrol your child, you will know what to expect, which will help you better gauge your child’s learning and development. Take an active interest to see what your child will receive for his or her efforts.