Are You Unsure of What to Do About Your University Course Choices?


The anticipation of final exam results can be excruciating and exciting, especially if you have some university courses in mind. But, what happens when you don’t quite get the results that you want? What if you just miss out on getting into the courses that you want?

When this happens, it can place an enormous burden of stress on someone. The fact is that results do matter and these days university places are very competitive. Indeed, making it in the job market is increasingly reliant on doing well at university, so it makes sense that someone who hasn’t received the grades they need to get into the course they want will feel very anxious.

What to Do Next

If you’ve just received your final results and they’re not exactly what you were needing, there’s still hope. Many universities offer clearing places for people who have just missed out on getting into a course. So, how do you know if you’re eligible for one of these clearing 2019 places at one of the universities? Consider the following:

  • If you haven’t applied for a place in a course already at a university
  • If you haven’t received the required grades that your university has asked for
  • If you have declined some or all of the places that a university has offered to you
  • If you have not received any offers from a university

How Do the Universities Benefit?

The benefits to the student are obvious, but what about the individual universities? What’s in it for them and why do they offer cleared courses?

Every year, there are lots of courses that may not have been filled by the time that university is set to start again. The ideal hope is that every place would be filled so that the university benefits financially and the student body is as large as possible. When there are courses that have not been filled, they are considered clearance courses and they are offered to students who fulfil the requirements.

This presents a very clear benefit to students as they either are enrolled in courses that they thought they had missed out on, or they start studies in courses that they might not have previously considered. Either way, they are getting the higher education that they desire.

For the university, filling those courses means that their student cohort grows and they are able to fulfil their financial obligations. This additional support allows their business model to flourish.

Clearance courses are a great way for students to get the education they want and for universities to match open places to students. This is a win for everyone involved.