Applying for a visa to study in the US requires submitting a social media account


Recently, the issue of studying in the United States can be said to be a wave of unrest. In addition to the education warning issued by the Ministry of Education in the shocking study circle, the US State Department has begun to require most visa applications to the United States on the grounds of strengthening security review. People submit personal social media account information. This new regulation was implemented on May 31. Non-immigrant visa applicants are required to fill in the social platform and account name used in the past 5 years when they fill out the DS-160 form online. In addition to the common foreign Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., the domestic friends often use the watercress and QQ space. Sina Weibo, Tencent Weibo, etc. are also on the list.

According to estimates by the US State Department, this new regulation may affect approximately 710,000 immigrant visa applicants and 14 million non-immigrant visa applicants. Only some diplomatic and official visa applicants are not affected by this new regulation. This policy is not aimed at Chinese citizens only. In March last year, the US State Department proposed a plan to review social media accounts, requiring visa applicants to provide detailed information on social media used in the past five years, as well as phone numbers and e-mails used during the same period. Information such as going abroad. However, the decision did not take effect immediately. The US government also gave a 60-day period to solicit public opinions. As a result, there were many objections. They believe that the new rules will not only infringe the privacy of visa applicants, but will also increase the difficulty of reviewing the work and the difficulty of signing. The important thing is that the final result may not be able to achieve the expected security review.

The official website of the Chinese Embassy in the United States issued a notice on June 2 to remind Chinese citizens in the United States to abide by relevant laws when applying for a visa, truthfully fill in the purpose of going to the United States, truthfully provide the application materials, and do not engage in activities that are inconsistent with the visa category after arriving in the United States.

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